Basic Guidelines in California
  • Fume Hood- CAL/OSHA T8s5154.1 and ASHRAE Standard 110-2016.
  • Clean Bench- IEST-RP-CC002.
  • Biological Safety Cabinet- CAL/OSHA T8s5154.2 and NSF-49-2014.
  • Terminal HEPA Filter- ISO14644-3 and IEST-RP-CC006. 
  • In-line HEPA Filter- ISO14644-3 and IEST-RP-CC006.
  • Cleanroom- ISO14644-1,3 and IEST-RP-CC006.

Laboratory Field Testing and Certification

Burke Herring offers the most reliable and comprehensive field testing and certification available. We adhere to the most current guidelines available and are pioneers for new methods.


Burke Herring performs large and small scale chemical decontaminations using hydrogen peroxide vapor.

We are available on-demand to perform these services so that your company has minimal downtime. 

Calibration Services

Burke Herring performs field calibration of incubators, freezers, cold rooms, and more. 


Burke Herring provides services in support of our pharmacy clients' ongoing needs for compliance with USP<797> and USP<800> requirements. Our staff includes CETA/CNBT-professionals, individually-certified for testing Sterile Compounding facilities. Count on Burke Herring, LLC to help maintain your facilities in top shape.

Our services include:

USP<797>/<800> Plan Development and Implementation
Cleanroom Certification per ISO14644 and CETA CAG
Equipment Certification and Calibration
Viable Particulate Sampling
Non-Viable Particulate Sampling
Room Pressure Differentials
Air Changes per Hour compliance
HEPA Filter Leak Tests
Ventilation Assessments
Pressure Gauge Supply, Installation, and Calibration
Temperature Mapping of Refrigerators and Drug Storage
Airflow Visualization Studies (Video)